What is Initiation?

As initiated believers we should feel WELCOME to participate in the community where best we can. We should always be encouraged to freely offer our giftedness in building the Kingdom within our own families and within the broader community. None of us are expected to be perfect, we are called to be honest, faithful and genuine in living out our faith.

The Process

The ideal within the Diocese of Maitland-Newcastle is for a family-centred, parish-based and school-supported program which recognises the primary role of parents/guardians in the faith formation of the child.

We believe parents are the first educators of children in faith. Our Sacramental program provides a wonderful opportunity for you, the parents, as the first educators of your children, to walk together with them on their spiritual journey.

The Initiation Sacraments begin at Baptism. To proceed with the Sacraments, the baptised child must be over seven years of age.

Confirmation completes Baptism, by which in the laying on of hands and the anointing with Chrism Oil, which first happened at Baptism, we are confirmed with the fullness of the Holy Spirit. A Sacrament of Healing – the Sacrament of Penance (Reconciliation) – will be celebrated before receiving the Eucharist. The Initiation Sacraments are completed with Eucharist (formerly First Holy Communion).

The Program includes:

  • Special Commitment & Presentation Masses designed for you and your family to attend over the course of the Program – these are great opportunities to connect with your faith community.
  • Celebration of the Sacraments and continued engagement in the life of your faith community.

Program Cost

Administration $35 per child – covers medals, certificate, and all paperwork.
Books $10 per book per family – 3 books required.
Email SOIChisholm@mn.catholic.org.au to enquire.