Ministry to the Bereaved

Our Ministers respect that ministering to the grieving is a service that is provided in response to invitation.

All our Ministers have participated in the ‘Stepping Stones’ programme which is a diocesan formation process for ministry with the dying and the bereaved. The preparation of a funeral also needs to provide comfort and support to the bereaved. The time together optimally provides a sense of blessing.

It is essential to ensure that the essence of a funeral is maintained in order that those attending are able to receive the fruits of the liturgy. Our Ministry team believes that funerals should:

  • Allow the power of the liturgy to speak through its words, actions and silence
  • Reconnect all with their faith and instigate a spiritual ‘shift’ in all
  • Affirm the hope of eternity
  • Assist with accepting the reality of death, human limitation and the meaning of life
  • Provide a permissive and safe means of experiencing and expressing grief
  • Strengthen the bonds with one another
  • Encourage all to live lives of deeper Christian witness
  • Be an opportunity for ‘leave taking’ of the deceased.

The Maitland Region has three Funeral Ministry teams who tirelessly support and service our people in their time of loss. The Funeral Directors of our area make contact with the Ministry Coordinator when funeral arrangements are required.

Contact our Ministry Coordinator via the Parish Office. Further information is also available here.

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