Catholic Women’s League

Our organisation is a community of women called together by faith with a wide variety of interests, backgrounds and ideas and aspirations. We provide a voice for Catholic women in Church and society by addressing social and moral issues effecting family life, particularly of women and children.

We promote family values and equality for all– in areas of health, education, economic and social welfare and we work collaboratively with Church leaders to fulfil the mission of Church — particularly in areas of Social Justice and Bio-ethics.

What We Do In Parishes

Gather for prayer and fellowship; Discuss issues relating to faith, community and social justice; Join with women of other faiths; Assist in parish events and celebrations; participate in Education and Liaise with other lay organisations to be a voice for women.

What We Do Nationally

We are involved in Social Justice and Bio-ethics issues by prayer, information gathering and dispersing, education and lobbying of government through submissions and representations.

What We Do Internationally

As a member organisation of the World Union of Catholic Women’s Organisations (WUCWO), we are lobbying through the United Nations on issues pertaining to Catholics, women and families.

Through WUCWO, we work together with 5 million women in more than 60 countries to promote the presence, participation and co-responsibility of Catholic women in society and the Church.

WUCWO represents almost 100 Catholic women’s organisations worldwide, active in around 60 countries including all continents and some island states, counting more than eight (8) million Catholic women of every walk of life.

Contact Catholic Women’s League

Diocese of Maitland-Newcastle:
Diocesan Coordinating Team:
Margo Nancarrow 0418657989, or Sandra Kijko 0418 2720332